The Mission

Jesus was a teacher whose message has been adulterated, distorted, and remanufactured over 2000 years for petty agendas that are completely unrelated, and often in direct opposition, to his intent. The original message was sculpted to function within the limitations of the culture of the time of his life. The presentation of God and the meaning of life were metaphorically represented to provide his students with familiar tools with which they might begin to grapple with the truth of existence. Human beings, along with our cultures and technologies, have evolved to the point where a different, more accurate representation of how we fit into the vast truth of the universe can be assimilated and understood. Hyper Christ begins to bridge the chasm between metaphor and truth. There is but one goal: Unity.

Energy And Consciousness

At the root of most religions is a figurehead, often called God. This anthropomorphic representation is just a tool to help self-aware species like human beings to realize that there is a power that motivates the universe. That power IS omniscient, IS all powerful and IS fundamentally integrated with every thing in the universe. As Einstein and colleagues revealed by equating energy and matter (E=MC2), everything, including the reader of these words, is a form of energy. That energy changes form, but never diminishes. This is the immortality of what some refer to as the "soul" or "spirit". Wrestle with this and when you can come to terms with this fact, and couple it with the fact that all forms of energy are interwoven and perpetual, the rest falls into place and the need for characters, mythology, and opaque metaphor falls away.

Alone Is Impossible

Religion and the need for a scripted mythological infrastructure emerge from one basic feeling, namely, fear. That fear derives from the fact that as corporeal beings we are subject to the illusion that we are singular entities and, therefore, completely isolated and alone. Once one injects souls, afterlife, and God into the picture, this fear is mitigated. But that only temporarily treats the symptom that is the consequence of a misunderstanding about the nature of existence. We cannot be "alone" because we are all part of the same intimately interlinked and eternally intertwined ocean of energy. Our temporary embodiment as corporeal biological machines with a sense of individual identity notwithstanding, the personal revelation of our quite literal connection to the rest of the universe obviates the requirement for manufactured belief systems to mitigate the fear of separation and, of course, death.

The Path

The Hyper Christ path will instill in you an understanding of the meaning of existence that supercedes traditional blind faith. Any trepidation you may experience along the way is only the reverberation of your conditioning and the fear that created the need for that conditioning. The truth is better than anything you've been taught or you have choosen to believe, but you must evolve spiritually to get there. The new type of "informed faith" you will develop during this journey will be founded in the incontrovertible fabric of consciousness that constitutes the universe and of which you are an indispensible part.

Evolve Beyond Faith