Why "Hyper" Christ?

Jesus was a sincere and charismatic teacher with a positive message that is critical for the perpetuation of the human species. The profundity of the message and the messenger was so great that he was given the title "Christ" which, as you may well know, means "chosen" or "anointed" one. In our teaching we use the term "Hyper" which means "over" or "above" or, most appropriately, "beyond" to indicate that there is an interpretation of the message of Jesus that is beyond that which could be assimilated by his contemporaries. It is important to realize that there is no suggestion of superiority or conflict with the original message or the anointed messenger. Hyper Christ simply acknowledges that we exist in an advanced intellectual and technological environment within which that message can be evaluated more directly. With our vastly greater knowledge of biology, physics, and the operational principles of the universe it is possible to re-engage with Jesus' teachings in a modern and highly informed context. The power of this approach is that it simultaneous produces a deeper and more accurate interpretation of the universe and the meaning of existence while diminishing the negative outcomes of conventional rationale such as superiority, intolerance, hypocrisy, and greed. With a realignment of the metrics of what it means to lead a good life and enjoy true success the colors of existence become vastly more vibrant and one's moment to momentlevel of contentment infinitely enhanced.
Key to the message is the truth, not merely belief, that Unity is all there is.

Enlightened Apathy

What one cares about, or does not care about, if usually centered on one's local perspective. Even global concerns are often tethered to local situations. For example one's concern about nuclear war may be, at the root. Based on the fear that one's children will suffer, and then extrapolated, possibly, to children worldwide.
Concern about nuclear war is a good example of something about which one should not be apathetic. Since the vision of Hyper Christ is an enlightened, elevated, and unified human community, total annihilation of the species (and everything else) would run contrary to our universal goal.
That said, there are so many trivial distractions to which we can remain apathetic but also enlightened, as in the Zen Buddhist tradition. That the rich flaunt overpriced and overvalued purses and earrings, or that the self-centered act in a self-centered fashion should be of no concern to us. Remain apathetic to these frailties of the unenlightened human whose focus in singularly inward. Jesus was not concerned with day-to-day pettiness of his contemporaries; he focused on the bigger picture, albeit described in terms that could be understood by the relatively uninformed mind of the times. With our vast increase in understanding and the availability of virtually any information today we can shed the burden of a mythological infrastructure and directly embrace the quantum connectedness of the universe, which includes by default the human species and all other things.
Turn of the erroneously named "reality TV". It is merely a imprisoning tool of the selfish and wealthy. Enlightened apathy toward the petty and self-involved is a large step toward a transcendent understanding of universal Unity.


If one takes just a few minutes to contemplate the ubiquity of gossip the next thought should be, but why? The answer is easy, it's biological and it served its purpose in evolution. As humans evolved it was important to remain informed about the local community since that information had an immediate impact on one's survival. If the neighbor just murdered his wife, time to move, that sort of thing. However, much the same way that Jesus' original message has been corrupted and misused for personal agendas so has the spreading of gossip become a corrupt and powerful intoxicant. Of course, we have an instinctual need to acquire the information embedded in gossip but now that spreading gossip has become a primary avenue for acquisition of wealth (and the associated societal power and recognition) it is out of control and we are the sheep happily drinking the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid (to mix metaphors).
The Hyper Christ mission helps each of us understand our instinctual need for gossip. By understanding why we evolved a need for gossip, and using our emergent consciousness to supersede that now obsolete need, we recognize that virtually all gossip serves no useful purpose but, in fact, is highly deleterious to spiritual growth and emancipation from the shackles of traditional and highly reconfigured belief systems.
Through unity and the recognition that all things, matter and energy, is one interwoven whole the need for individualized parceling of trivial information (i.e., gossip) is eliminated.

Three Types of Evolution

Most of us have some understanding of what is meant by evolution, even if we disagree with the premise. Evolution is the change in plants and animals over enormous time frames and the resultant changes the survivability of said plants and animals. This explains a lot of things and clearly shows that all life on planet earth is related, having spawned from the same seed.

Technology also evolves and is subject to the rules of "natural" selection. In fact, technology is just one manifestation of natural evolution, but since it radically changes the environment in the blink of an eye (in geological terms) it has a profound impact on humans and all other living systems. To put it bluntly, we have the residual instincts encoded in our DNA of a monkey (physiological evolution) but the technological power to obliterate all life on earth with the push of a (nuclear) button.

This brings us to spiritual (or consciousness) evolution. This form of evolution can be directly modulated by overt effort. One can, in principle, overcome the instinct of a monkey for fight or flight and, instead, choose to cooperate and thereby thrive. This can happen different ways. Religion guides by rules and fear, and that works for many, but not for others and is fraught with risk of unethical use to manipulate people in the interest of personal agendas. In stark contrast Hyper Christ guides by, self-revelation through mindful insight and truth. The universe is one consistent and integrated whole; you are part of that energy smoothie. Once you grasp this and release your preconceptions and misguided teachings about differences and separation, an amazing transformation unfolds and your are truly reborn.

Instinct or Mindfulness

We struggle to understand human behavior, especially that which appears purely evil. However, once one understands the immutable principles of evolution and considers behavior at the most fundamental evolutionary level, all behavior, even that which we call evil, can be understood, if not embraced. Evolution is a non-thinking process mediated by a non-thinking, non-caring information-carrier called deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. The information in the DNA is randomly altered (mutation) and propagated through time by organic carriers (we are one example) that are essentially disposable reproducing vessels for that information. Understand this elegant but simple process and the rest becomes transparent. Greed, ego, hierarchical posturing, all of these social and mental gymnastics are just outcomes of a fundamental and random process. This is not what you are conditioned to believe, but it is the truth. The process continues until it fails.

It is seductive to think of humans as special because our cognitive abilities have evolved toward self-awareness to a greater extent, we assume, than other living creatures. But that is misguided thinking. The power of the evolutionary process is that whatever works succeeds and whatever does not work fails. This is why, for example, sociopathic individuals are so successful in competitive environments where empathy is counterproductive with respect to their goals. Fortunately, it is also why social groupings often provide a selective advantage for the group that overwhelms individual gain.

And this brings us to the final and critical thought. We are now at a point in human evolution where our often disregarded self-awareness can be employed to do an evolutionary experiment that, as far as we know, has never been done before on this planet. We can consciously supersede destructive instincts that were relatively benign, even advantageous prior to nuclear (and other) weapons. These behaviorally modalities were successful in getting us to this point but will lead to our destruction moving forward. Imagine if a territorial cave-person had their finger on the big red button that triggered release of a nuclear arsenal. It is the ultimate human irony that we have the potential for utopia and are on the precipice of apocalypse.

Great teachers like Jesus taught peace and mindfulness by providing the intellectual tools that were comprehensible in his time. We don't needs threats of hell or promises of heaven to follow that lead now that we can understand the quantum level interconnectedness of all things. We have only to make a conscious choice.

Social Entropy

Entropy is the natural tendency to move from an ordered state to a less ordered one. This is the equivalent of a ball rolling down a hill or any other for of dissipation of energy. In fact, entropy has been misguidedly used in arguments for a creation-based belief system because it is counterintuitive for things to become spontaneously more organized. However, the flaw in that argument is simply that energy moves along gradients, usually from high to low, and in doing so it does work, in our case, creating the order that we see in nature.

That aside, the focus of this short message is that there is a metaphorical form of entropy (or perhaps it is literal) that we call "social entropy". Social entropy is the tendency for social organization to become disorganized and fail. It seems inevitable that every order social construct will self-destruct as a consequence of this social entropy. But we posit that this apparent inevitability is really just a ramification of a social group's state of spiritual or conscious evolution. In fact, the HyperChrist path places one in a position from which social entropy can be overcome through elevated consciousness and ascension to the next evolutionary level of spirituality. A fuller understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe, the wave nature of matter, and the truth of eternal persistence of consciousness as an amalgam of the illusory individual identity disengages the seeker from the tethers of social constructs that are destined to dissolve.

Unity is the one an only universal truth.